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Growth of Diamond on Sapphire by Pulsed Laser Ablation under Oxygen Atmosphere

  • M. Yoshimoto (a1), Y. Hishitani (a1), H. Maruta (a1), H. Koinuma (a1), T. Tachibana (a2), S. Nishio (a1) and M. Kakihana (a1)...


We examined the possibility of nucleation and growth of diamond via a hydrogen-free vapor phase route of pulsed laser ablation of a graphite target in a low-pressure pure oxygen atmosphere. The present evidences from microscopic, diffraction and spectroscopic techniques indicate that high-quality (111)-oriented diamond crystals could be nucleated and grown on ultra smooth sapphire (single-crystal α - A12O3)substrates at the temperatures lower than 600°C under the optimized growth conditions of oxygen pressure (around 0.15 Torn) and laser ablation (pulsed laser fluence of 3 x 108 W/cm2 at 5 Hz).



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