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Growth of CVD graphene on copper by rapid thermal processing

  • W. Kim (a1), J. Riikonen (a1), S. Arpiainen (a2), O. Svensk (a1), C. Li (a1) and H. Lipsanen (a1)...


We have investigated the fabrication of graphene by chemical vapor deposition using a conventional rapid thermal processing system with infrared heating. Graphene films were grown on the pretreated copper foil in RTP at 935-960°C at pressure of 6~7 mbar. The grown films were characterized by scanning electron microscope and Raman spectroscopy to investigate morphology of graphene. The growth of graphene was initiated by small flakes that spread rapidly covering the whole copper surface as a single-layer film in ~20 seconds. Room temperature mobility and sheet resistance extracted by transfer-length method (TLM) for the graphene film transferred onto the SiO2/Si substrate were around 1,800 cm2/Vs and 260 Ω/ð with the gate voltage, respectively.



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