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Growth of Carbon Nanofibers on Electroless Ni-P Alloy Catalyst

  • T.K. Tsai (a1), W.L. Liu (a1), S.H. Hsieh (a1) and W.J. Chen (a1)


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were grown by electroless Ni-P plated on silicon substrate in a microwave heating chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system with methane gas at 700 °C. The CNTs grown on Ni–P catalyst showed random orientation and small diameter around 15–30 nm. Field emission test results indicated that the Ni–P catalyzed-CNTs exhibited excellent field emission properties. The turn-on field was about 0.56 V/μm with an emission current density 10 μA/cm2 and the threshold field was 4.4 V/μm with an emission current density 10 mA/cm2. These excellent field emission properties may be attributed to the random orientation and small diameter of CNTs.



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Growth of Carbon Nanofibers on Electroless Ni-P Alloy Catalyst

  • T.K. Tsai (a1), W.L. Liu (a1), S.H. Hsieh (a1) and W.J. Chen (a1)


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