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Growth and Structure of in-plane Textured MgO Thin Films Deposited on Amorphous Substrates using ion-beam-assisted E-Beam Evaporation

  • Connie P. Wang (a1), Khiem B. Do (a1), Ann F. Marshall (a2), Theodore H. Geballe (a1), Malcolm R. Beasley (a1) and Robert H. Hammond (a1)...


In-plane aligned MgO thin films (∼100Å) have been obtained on various amorphous substrates by Ar+ ion-assisted electron-beam evaporation. Based on RHEED and cross-section TEM, we have shown that the MgO texture appears at a very early stage of film growth and is optimized at a thickness of around 100Å. Optimal thickness is the stage at which the surface is fully covered by MgO crystallites. The planar-view TEM of grain structure evolution in samples at different stages of growth reveals the dynamics of the texture developing process. Small, (100)-faceted MgO grains were observed both in planar-view and cross-section TEM images.



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