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Growth and Polarity Control of GaN and AlN on Carbon-face SiC by Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy

  • Yi Fu (a1), Xianfeng Ni (a2), Jingqiao Xie (a3), N Biyikli (a4), Qian Fan (a5), S Chevtchenko (a6), Ü Özgür (a7), Hadis Morkoç (a8), You Ke (a9), Robert Devaty (a10), W. J. Choyke (a11), C. K. Inoki (a12) and T. S. Kuan (a12)...


Growth and polarity control of GaN and AlN on carbon-face SiC (C-SiC) by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) are reported. The polarities of GaN and AlN layers were found to be strongly dependent on the pre-growth treatment of C-SiC substrates. A pre-flow of trimethyaluminum (TMAl) or a very low NH3/TMAl ratio results in Al(Ga)-polarity layers on C-SiC. Otherwise, N-polarity layers resulted. The polarities of AlN and GaN layers were conveniently determined by their etching rate in KOH or H3PO4, a method reported earlier. We suggest that the Al adatoms, which have a high sticking coefficient on SiC, form several Al adlayers on C-SiC and change the incorporation sequence of Ga(Al) and N leading to metal polarity surface. In addition, the hexagonal pyramids, typical on N-polarity GaN surface, are absent on N-polarity GaN on off-axis C-SiC owing to high density of terraces on off-axis C-SiC. The properties of GaN layers grown on C-SiC are studied by X-ray diffraction.



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