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Growth and Characterization of GaPNAs on Si

  • John Geisz (a1), J. M. Olson (a1), W. E. McMahon (a1), T. Hannappel (a2), K. Jones (a1), H. Moutinho (a1) and M. M. Al-Jassim (a1)...


The dilute nitrogen alloy GaPNAs can be lattice matched to silicon with band gaps ranging from 2.3 eV to less than 1.7eV making it of special interest for photovoltaic applications. We have studied the growth and structural quality of the alloy grown on vicinal Si(001) and GaP(001) substrates by MOCVD. Using a particular nucleation scheme, we have deposited 1-μm thick layers that are crack-free and exhibit narrow x-ray line widths. The FWHM of the (004) x-ray reflection from a GaP1−xNx epilayer decreases dramatically from ∼300 arcsec for x=0 to 18 arcsec for x = 0.021. The band gap of this alloy is 1.96 eV. With the addition of As (and more N), the x-ray line widths tend to increase slightly to 27 arcsec.



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