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Growth and Characterization of CDTE and CDTE Alloys

  • S. Mcdevitt (a1), D.R. John (a1), J.L. Sepich (a1), K.A. Bowers (a2), J.F. Schetzina (a2), R.S. Rai (a3) and S. Mahajan (a3)...


Methods used to grow bulk, CdTe crystals, effects of alloying on their perfection and typical single crystal properties are reviewed in this paper. Crystals grown by a modified horizontal Bridgman technique have lower dislocation densities than those grown by a modified vertical Bridgman method. Dislocation densities of the order of 1×103/cm2 have been observed in CdTeSe crystals grown by the former technique. Due to the difference in the distribution coefficients of Zn and Se in CdTe, CdTeSe ingots are chemically more uniform than CdZnTe ingots. Purity studies of starting materials indicate that Se substitutions may introduce more impurities than Zn additions.



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Growth and Characterization of CDTE and CDTE Alloys

  • S. Mcdevitt (a1), D.R. John (a1), J.L. Sepich (a1), K.A. Bowers (a2), J.F. Schetzina (a2), R.S. Rai (a3) and S. Mahajan (a3)...


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