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Good Temperature Performances of 870nm Resonant Cavity Light Emitting Diode (RCLED)

  • Lih-Wen Laih (a1), Yi-Hao Wu (a1), Li-Hong Laih (a2), Rong-Moo Hong (a1), Hao-Chung Guo (a3), Jung-Lung Yu (a2), Yu-Hsiang Huang (a1), Yi-An Chang (a3), Ren-Jiun Chang (a1), Chun-Hui Yang (a1) and I-Tsung Wu...


A high performance of wavelength 870nm resonant cavity LED (RCLED) was fabricated. The high performance of InGaAs/GaAs multiple quantum wells (MQWs) and distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) were employed to achieve the high transmission rate. Two devices A and B were fabricated in this paper. Device A has an offset of 10nm between active region gain and resonant gain, and device B without it. Due to the wavelength shift of active region gain is faster than that of DBR's resonant gain at higher temperature. Device A shows the better temperature performances than device B. A cutoff frequency of 60MHz, a low forward voltage of 1.6V, a output power of 1mW at 10mA and a output power temperature variation (ΔP/ΔT) of –0.02dBm/ °C with chip dimensions of 220um × 220um and 85um diameter emitting window are obtained.



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