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Glass Transition in Sub-nanometer Confinement

  • A. Huwe (a1), F. Kremer (a1), M. Arndt (a1), P. Behrens (a2), W. Schwieger (a3), G. Ihlein (a4), Ö. Akdogan (a4) and F. Schüth (a4)...


Broadband dielectric spectroscopy (10−2 Hz - 109Hz) is employed to study the molecular dynamics of low-molecular-weight glassforming liquids being confined to nanopores. For the H-bond forming liquid propylene glycol being confined to (uncoated and silanized) nanopores (pore size: 2.5 nm, 5.0 nm and 7.5 nm) a molecular dynamics is observed which is comparable to that of the bulk liquid. Due to surface effects in uncoated nanopores the relaxation time distribution is broadened on the long term side and the mean relaxation rate is decreased by about half a decade. This effect can be counterbalanced by lubricating the inner surfaces of the pores resulting in a relaxation rate which is slightly faster compared to the bulk liquid. For the H-bonded liquid ethylene glycol (EG) embedded in zeolites of different pore size and topology one observes a sharp transition from a single-molecule dynamics to that of a liquid depending on the coordination number of the confined molecules. While EG in silicalite (showing a single molecule relaxation) has four neighboring molecules, EG in zeolite beta or AIPO4-5 has a coordination number of five and behaves like a bulk liquid.



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Glass Transition in Sub-nanometer Confinement

  • A. Huwe (a1), F. Kremer (a1), M. Arndt (a1), P. Behrens (a2), W. Schwieger (a3), G. Ihlein (a4), Ö. Akdogan (a4) and F. Schüth (a4)...


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