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Genetically-Engineered Protease-Activated Triggers in a Pore-Forming Protein

  • Barbara Walker (a1), Nathan Walsh (a1) and Hagan Bayley (a1)


Protease-activated triggers have been introduced Into a pore-forming protein, staphylococcal a-hemolysin (αHL). The hemolysin was remodeled by genetic engineering to form two-chain constructs with redundant polypeptide sequences at the central loop, the Integrity of which Is crucial for efficient pore formation. The new hemolysins are activated when the polypeptide extensions are removed by proteases. By alterating the protease recognition sequence in the loop, selective activation by specified proteases can be obtained. Protease-triggered pore-forming proteins might be used for the selective destruction of cancer cells that bear tumor-associated proteases. When certain two-chain constructs are treated with proteases, a full-length polypeptide chain forms as the result of a protease-mediated transpeptidation reaction. This reaction might be used to produce chimeric hemolysins that are Inaccessible by conventional routes.



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Genetically-Engineered Protease-Activated Triggers in a Pore-Forming Protein

  • Barbara Walker (a1), Nathan Walsh (a1) and Hagan Bayley (a1)


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