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GaN Homoepitaxy for Device Applications

  • M. Kamp (a1), C. Kirchner (a1), V. Schwegler (a1), A. Pelzmann (a1), K.J. Ebeling (a1), M. Leszczynski (a2), I. Grzegory (a2), T. Suski (a2) and S. Porowski (a2)...


Epitaxial growth on GaN single bulk crystals sets new standards in GaN material quality. The outstanding properties provide new insights into fundamental material parameters (e.g. lattice constants, exciton binding energies, etc.) being not accessible by heteroepitaxial growth on sapphire or SiC. With MOVPE and MBE we realized unstrained GaN layers with dislocation densities about six orders of magnitude lower than in heteroepitaxy. Those layers revealed an exceptional optical quality as determined by a reduction of the photoluminescence linewidth from 5 to 0.1 meV and a reduced XRD rocking curve width from 400 to 20 arcsec.

Only recently, progress in surface preparation allowed morphologies of the layers suitable for device applications. We report on InGaN/GaN MQW structures as well as the first GaN pn- and InGaN/GaN double heterostructure LEDs on GaN single bulk crystals. Those LEDs are twice as bright as their counterparts grown on sapphire. In addition they reveal an improved high power characteristics, which is attributed to an enhanced crystal quality and an increased p-doping. Time resolved electroluminescence measurements proof that band/band recombination is the dominant emission mechanism for the InGaN/GaN LEDs.



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