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Ga1-xGdxN-Based Spin Polarized Light Emitting Diode

  • Muhammad Jamil (a1), Tahir Zaidi (a2), Andrew Melton (a2), Tianming Xu (a2) and Ian T. Ferguson (a3)...


In this work, a room temperature spin-polarized LED based on ferromagnetic Ga1-xGdxN is reported. The device was grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and is the first report of a spin-LED based on Ga1-xGdxN. Electroluminescence from this device had a degree of polarization of 14.6% at 5000 Gauss and retained a degree of polarization of 9.3% after removal of the applied magnetic field. Ga1-xGdxN thin films were grown on 2 μm GaN templates and were co-doped with Si and Mg to achieve n-type and p-type materials. Co-doping of the Ga1-xGdxN films with Si produced conductive n-type material, while co-doping with Mg produced compensated p-type material. Both Si and Mg co-doped films exhibited room temperature ferromagnetism, measured by vibrating sample magnetometry.


Corresponding author

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Ga1-xGdxN-Based Spin Polarized Light Emitting Diode

  • Muhammad Jamil (a1), Tahir Zaidi (a2), Andrew Melton (a2), Tianming Xu (a2) and Ian T. Ferguson (a3)...


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