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The Formation of Ordered Nanoporous Structure with Controlled Micelle Size

  • Jeongho Chang (a1), Yongsoon Shin (a1), Li-Qiong Wang (a1) and Gregory J. Exarhos (a1)


Selected MPEG-b-PDLLA block copolymers have been synthesized with systematic variation of the chain lengths of the resident hydrophilic and hydrophobic blocks. The size and shape of the micelles that spontaneously form in solution are then controlled by the characteristics of the copolymer template. Formation of nanoporous silica at room temperature with short-preparation time is demonstrated and silica-containing materials evolve with uniform pore shape and wall structure. The formation mechanism of these nanoporous structures obtained by controlling the micelle size has been confirmed using both liquid and solid state 13C and 29Si NMR techniques.



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