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Formation and Characteristics of CoSi2 Layers Synthesized by Mevva Implantation

  • S. P. Wong (a1), Qicai Peng (a1), W. Y. Cheung (a1), W. S. Guo (a1), J. B. Xu (a1), I. H. Wilson (a1), S. K. Hark (a2), R. Morton (a3) and S. S. Lau (a3)...


Ion beam synthesis of CoSi2 layers in Si by NIEVVA (Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc) implantation has been performed under various conditions. The formation and characteristics of these CoSi2 layers have been studied by XTEM, RBS, AFM, X-ray diffraction, ellipsometry, electrical and Hall effect measurements. It was found that a higher substrate temperature during implantation results in an as-implanted Co distribution closer to the surface and hence the formation of a shallower CoSi2 layer after annealing. Buried CoSi2 layers of good crystal quality and low resistivity CoSi2 can be formed by MEVVA implantation and annealing under appropriate conditions. A strong temperature dependence of the Hall coefficient showing a large peak at around 100K was observed for the CoSi2 layers formed in p-type Si substrates but not in n-type substrates. The properties and their dependence on the processing conditions, in particular, the substrate temperature during implantation, are presented and discussed.



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