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Fluidic Surface-Tension-Directed Self-Assembly of Miniaturized Semiconductor Dies Across Length Scales and 3D Topologies

  • Heiko Jacobs (a1) and Robert J Knuesel (a2)


This proceeding discusses recent progress on engineered fluidic surface-tension-directed self-assembly involving liquid solder. The process is applied to the assembly of discrete inorganic semiconductor device components at different length scales producing electrically interconnected devices and systems. Prior results include assembly with unique angular orientation and contact pad registration, parallel packaging, and the programmable assembly of various types of light emitting diodes. Recent progress on the scaling of the minimal die size from 300 to 30 μm is discussed which required the development of a new delivery system to concentrate and effectively introduce the components to solder-based receptors. Specifically, components are pre-oriented at a liquid-air or liquid-liquid interface and transferred onto the solder based receptors using a dynamic contact angle with a dipping process. Recent applications include the tiling of curved and 3D surfaces with single crystal semiconductors including the formation of flexible 3D solar cells.



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Fluidic Surface-Tension-Directed Self-Assembly of Miniaturized Semiconductor Dies Across Length Scales and 3D Topologies

  • Heiko Jacobs (a1) and Robert J Knuesel (a2)


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