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Flexible Surface Acoustic Wave Based Temperature and Humidity Sensors

  • X.L. He (a1), J. Zhou (a1), W.B. Wang (a1), W.P. Xuan (a1), D.J. Li (a2), S.R. Dong (a1), H. Jin (a1), Y. Xu (a1) and J.K. Luo (a1) (a2)...


Flexible surface acoustic wave (SAW) based temperature and humidity sensors were fabricated and characterized. ZnO piezoelectric films were deposited on polyimide substrates by DC magnetron sputtering. ZnO films possess (0002) crystal orientation with large grain sizes of 50∼70 nm. SAW devices showed two wave modes, namely the Rayleigh and Lamb modes, with the frequencies at f R ∼132MHz and f L ∼427MHz respectively for a wavelength of 12 μm device. The two resonant frequencies have a temperature coefficient of frequency (TCF) of −423ppm/K and −258ppm/K for the Rayleigh and Lamb waves, respectively. The SAW sensors exhibited a good repeatability in responding to cyclic change of humidity. The responses of the sensors increase with the increase in humidity, and the sensitivity increases with the decrease in wavelength. A high sensitivity of 34.7 kHz/10%RH has been obtained from a SAW device without any surface treatment, demonstrated that the flexible SAW humidity sensors are very promising for application in flexible sensors and microsystems.


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Flexible Surface Acoustic Wave Based Temperature and Humidity Sensors

  • X.L. He (a1), J. Zhou (a1), W.B. Wang (a1), W.P. Xuan (a1), D.J. Li (a2), S.R. Dong (a1), H. Jin (a1), Y. Xu (a1) and J.K. Luo (a1) (a2)...


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