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The First Nitride Laser Diode on Silicon Carbide

  • J. D. Brown (a1), J. T. Swindell (a1), M. A. L. Johnson (a1), Zhonghai Yu (a1), J. F. Schetzina (a1), G. E. Bulman (a2), K. Doverspike (a2), S. T. Sheppard (a2), T. W. Weeks (a2), M. Leonard (a2), H. S. Kong (a2), H. Dieringer (a2), C. Carter (a2) and J. A. Edmond (a2)...


This paper reports the events at NCSU leading up to and including those of June 5, 1997 which produced the first demonstration of a nitride laser diode on silicon carbide – and the very first nitride laser demonstration outside of Japan. All of the laser diode samples tested at NCSU were designed, grown, and fabricated into cleaved cavity test structures at Cree Research. Laser testing at NCSU consisted of spectral emission versus current measurements, light output power versus current (L-I) measurement, and light output polarization measurements versus current. The first successful laser on silicon carbide emitted at 402.6 nm. Subsequently, lasers displaying outputs ranging from 402.6 to 430.2 have been successfully tested at NCSU.



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