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Film Characterization of Ultra Low-k Dielectrics Modified by UV Curing with Different Wavelength Bands

  • Masazumi Matsuura (a1), Kinya Goto (a2), Noriko Miura (a3), Shinobu Hashii (a4) and Koyu Asai (a5)...


This paper describes film characterization of Ultra Low-k (ULK) dielectrics modified by UV curing with different wavelength bands. We have demonstrated UV hardening of ULK-SiOC (k=2.65) with two types of UV bulbs (UV-X and UV-Y) and the UV modifications of ULK-SiOC film properties are characterized by using FT-IR spectroscopy, 29Si Solid-state NMR spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy. FT-IR and NMR analyses reveal that UV-Y curing is preferable for UV curing modification of ULK-SiOC. UV-Y curing increases Q mode peak in NMR, resulting in the enhanced Si-O crosslinking, while UV-X curing increases TH mode and TOR mode peaks. Spin lattice relaxation time T1 for 29Si is decreased with UV curing. This result indicates that UV curing enhances molecular motion in Si-O network. Raman analysis shows that UV curing increases amorphous carbon groups, which corresponds to the enhanced molecular motion in Si-O network.



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