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Fast Radial NMR Imaging of Transport Processes

  • Paul D. Majors (a1) (a2), Douglas M. Smith (a1) and Arvind Caprihan (a2)


Fast NMR imaging techniques for the study of objects with circular or spherical symmetry are introduced. Quantitative, radially-resolved information for an object with circular symmetry is obtained by Abel inversion of a single one-dimensional (1D) NMR image or equivalently by Hankel transformation of the 1D time domain NMR signal. With adequate sensitivity, the entire image information is obtained in a single experimental iteration, providing snapshot temporal resolution. Thus these techniques are useful for the study of transport phenomena. Spherical objects can also be radially resolved from a 1D projection image by applying two sequential Abel inversions, or in one simple differentiation step. These radial imaging techniques are easy to implement and the computational and data storage requirements are nominal. These procedures are also applicable to microscopic and solids NMR imaging, as well as to X-ray CAT and other projective imaging techniques. Noise effects, and the detection and handling of distortions from circular symmetry are also considered.



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Fast Radial NMR Imaging of Transport Processes

  • Paul D. Majors (a1) (a2), Douglas M. Smith (a1) and Arvind Caprihan (a2)


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