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Far Infrared Spectroscopy of In0.53Ga0.47As Quantum Wells on InP(100)

  • N. L. Rowell (a1), D. J. Lockwood (a2), P. J. Poole (a2) and G. Yu (a1)


Polarized far infrared reflectance was measured at oblique incidence for In0.53Ga0.47As / InP multiple quantum wells grown by chemical beam epitaxy on InP(100) wafers. Both the well thickness (0.25 - 20 nm) and number of periods (10 - 40) were varied. The reflectance spectra contained sharp Berreman modes at the frequencies of the transverse (TO) and longitudinal (LO) optical phonons. The contributions of the individual phonons were resolved with the model fits. Interface layer phonon modes were observed with intensity increasing with number of wells. The interface layers were 0.6 nm thick and of different composition to adjoining wells consistent with cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscope results on the same samples. The variation due to phonon confinement of the InAs- and GaAs-like LO and TO phonon frequencies was obtained.



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