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Facile Mechanochemical Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of pervoskite YCrxFe1-xO3, (0x1).

  • Vijayalaxmi MalagaReddy (a1), Binod Rai (a1), Sanjay Mishra (a1), Chaunbing Rong (a2) and J Liu (a2)...


Single-phase samples of YCr x Fe1−x O3 were synthesized by a mechanochemical method. X-ray diffraction data show linear reduction in the lattice parameters of YCrxFe1−x O3 perovskites with the Cr content, indicating that Cr ions substitute for Fe ions to form a solid solution. Magnetic measurements show hysteresis loops at 5K. The substitution of Cr for Fe enhances the magnetization for up to x=0.33 Cr doping level. For higher doping levels, 0.33<x<1, the system behaves as a frustrated system. At x=1, YCrO3 behaves as a week ferromagnet with TN ~140 K. The chloride salt based machenochemical method offers simple synthesis route for the synthesis of pure multiferroic compounds.



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