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Fabrication of Yy‐Pr1‐y ‐Ba‐Cu‐O Thin Films and Superlattices of ‐Ba‐Cu‐O/Yy‐Pr1‐y ‐Ba‐Cu‐O

  • X. D. Wu (a1), M. S. Hegde (a2), X. X. Xi (a3), Q. Li (a3), A. Inam (a3), S. A. Schwarz (a4), J. A. Martinez (a5), B. J. Wilkens (a4), J. B. Barner (a4), C. C. Chang (a4), L. Nazar (a1), C. T. Rogers (a4) and T. Venkatesan (a4)...


We have prepared epitaxial thin films of Yy‐Pr1‐y‐Ba‐Cu‐O (y= 1 to 0) and superlattices of Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O/Yy‐Pr1‐y ‐Ba‐Cu‐O using pulsed laser deposition technique. The zero resistance transition temperatures of Yy‐Pr1‐y‐Ba‐Cu‐O bulk samples are reproduced in the films. The composition oscillations in the superlattices are observed by SIMS. The films and superlattices are found to have c‐axis orientations and good crystallinity.



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