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Fabrication of Nano-Structured Gold Arrays by Guided Self-assembly for Plasmonics

  • Xiaoli V. Li (a1), Clelia A. Milhano (a2), Robin M. Cole (a3), Phil N. Bartlett (a4), Jeremy J. Baumberg (a5) and Cornelis H. de Groot (a6)...


Gold inverse spherical nanoscale voids have been fabricated in linear arrays for directional plasmon measurements in the visible spectral range. We show that by KOH anisotropic etching in Si, we are able to make V-grooves in which latex spheres of the order of 500 nm self-assemble with largely defect-free cubic symmetry. Both single layer and multilayer assembly in a face-centered close-packed (FCC) lattice can be achieved by varying the width of the trenches. This template is subsequently used for electrodeposition of gold to create the inverse spherical nanovoids.



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