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Fabrication and Electronic Characteristics of Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs

  • Hironori Yoshioka (a1), Yuichiro Nanen (a2), Jun Suda (a3) and Tsunenobu Kimoto (a4)


The n-type silicon nanowire MOSFETs with a nanowire shape being triangular or trapezoidal, have been fabricated on SOI substrates and characterized. The height and bottom-width of the triangular nanowire has been 10 nm and 19 nm, respectively. The devices have shown good gate control, such as a nearly ideal subthreshold slope of 63 mV/decade, high Ion/Ioff ratio of 107, and small drain-induced barrier lowering of 5 mV/V at room temperature. The low field mobility of triangular nanowire has been estimated to be 130 cm2/V·s and shown no difference with the change of the nanowire shape and direction within the investigated range.



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