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Extraction of Elastic Parameters of Heavily Boron-Doped Silicon Layer by Elimination of Misfit Dislocations

  • HO-JUN Lee (a1), Chul-Hi Han (a2) and Choong-Ki Kim (a2)


In this paper, various elastic parameters of heavily boron-doped silicon layer have been extracted by eliminating the misfit dislocations in the layer. The dislocation-free silicon membranes doped with the boron concentration of 1.3 × 1020 atoms/cm3 have been fabricated and the Young’s modulus of 1.45 × 1012 dyn/cm2 and residual tensile stress of 2.7 × 109 dyn/cm2 have been extracted by blister method. From the Young’s modulus and residual stress, the residual tensile strain of 1.34 × 10−3, lattice constant of 5.424 Å, and misfit coefficient of 1.03 × 10−23 cm3/atom have been calculated. These parameters are very similar to those obtained from X-ray diffraction analysis and theory.



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