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Ex-situ and in-situ Neutron Radiography Investigations of the Hydrogen Uptake of Nuclear Fuel Cladding Materials During Steam Oxidation at 1000°C and Above

  • Mirco Grosse (a1), Marius van den Berg (a2), Eberhard Helmar Lehmann (a3) and Burkhard Schillinger (a4)


Neutron radiography is a powerful tool for the investigation of the hydrogen uptake of zirconium alloys. It is fast, fully quantitative, non-destructive and provides a spatial resolution of 30 μm. The non-destructive character of neutron radiography provides the possibility of in-situ investigations. The paper describes the calibration of the method and delivers results of ex-situ measurements of the hydrogen concentration distribution after steam oxidation, as well as in-situ experiments of hydrogen diffusion in β-Zr and in-situ investigations of the hydrogen uptake during steam oxidation.



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