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Experimental Determination Of Relaxation Of Interphase Interfaces In Oxide Eutectics

  • Vinayak P. Dravid (a1), V. Ravikumar (a1), G. Dhalenne (a2) and A. Revcolevschi (a2)


Interphase interfaces in the directionally solidified eutectics.(DSEs) of NiO-ZrO2(CaO), NiO-Y2O3 and MnO-ZrO2 have been investigated using a variety of TEM techniques. The unique lamellar morphology of the DSEs allows characterization of interfaces and identification of relaxations along multiple directions, aiding visualization of interface structure in three dimensions. Possible low energy interface orientations were identified through examination of facets. The low energy interface planes almost invariably correspond to polar surfaces of adjacent crystals. An attempt has been made to experimentally identify the variety of interfacial relaxation mechanisms using a variety of analytical TEM techniques and only HRTEM results are summarized in this paper. It was found that most of the DSE systems exhibit very little relaxation and possess tight interface cores.



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