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Excimer Laser Thin Metallic Film Patterning on Polyvinyledene Difluoridea)

  • Michel Gauthier (a1), Richard Bourret (a1), Cheng-Kuei Jen (a2) and Eric L Adler (a3)


Tactile sensors and ultrasonic transducers based on the piezoelectric properties of polyvinyledene difluoride, PVF2, usually take the form of thin 10 - 110 μm polymer films coated on one or both sides with a metallic film. Electrode patterns are usually fabricated by photolithography that requires a 90 °C baking process which may harm the piezoelectric properties of the PVF2 film. We have developed an alternate method, based on direct patterning with a XeCl laser, yielding complex patterns of lines as narrow as 20 μm which are better than those fabricated by photolithography. The metallic film is ablated on both sides of the polymer while maintaining the intrinsic properties of the PVF2. The ablation mechanism is investigated using transmission optical, scanning electron, and scanning acoustic microscope images. The performance of an ultrasonic transducer fabricated with this technique is described.



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1 One area of intense research is for optical data storage. See, for example, Proceedings of the Symposium on Optical Storage Materials, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. 18, 64 (1981).
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