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Examination of the Defect Pool Model by An Improved Analysis of the Constant Photocurrent Method

  • Helmut Stiebig (a1) and Frank Siebke (a1)


We have developed an improved analysis of constant photocurrent method (CPM) data. It is based on a numerical simulation of CPM spectra taking into account the full set of optical transitions between localized and extended states, capture and emission processes as well as the position of the Fermi level. Comparing measured and simulated CPM spectra provides information about the density of localized states in a-Si:H, i.e. the valence band tail, the integrated defect density, the energy distribution and the charge state of defect states. Based on these results we examine the predictions of the defect-pool model. The defect distribution in undoped and doped a-Si:H can be described by the defect-pool model taking into account the doping level dependence of principal parameters including the valence band tail, the equilibration temperature, and the width of the defect-pool.



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Examination of the Defect Pool Model by An Improved Analysis of the Constant Photocurrent Method

  • Helmut Stiebig (a1) and Frank Siebke (a1)


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