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Evolution of Structure with Fe Layer Thickness in low Dimensional Fe/Tb Multilayered Structures

  • V. G. Harris (a1), K. D. Aylesworth (a1), W. T. Elam (a1), N. C. Koon (a1), R. Coehoorn (a2) and W. Hoving (a2)...


The atomic structure of a series of low-dimensional Fe/Tb multilayered structures has been explored using a conversion-electron, extended x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) technique. A structural transition from a close-packed amorphous structure to a body-centered crystalline structure is detected to occur over an Fe layer thickness range of 12.5 Å to 15.0 Å (Tb thickness is held constant at 4.5 Å). Magnetic properties, specifically, magnetization, anisotropy field, and Kerr rotation angle, are measured and found to change significantly in response to this transition. Exploitation of the polarization properties of synchrotron radiation allowed for the description of the atomic structure both perpendicular and parallel to the sample plane.



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