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Evaluation of Dielectric Permittivity of Barium Titanate Fine Powders

  • Takaaki Tsurumi (a1), Takashi Sekine (a1), Hirofumi Kakemoto (a1), Takuya Hoshina (a1), Song-Min Nam (a1) (a2), Hiroaki Yasuno (a1) and Satoshi Wada (a1)...


Dielectric permittivity (εr) of BaTiO3(BTO) powders was determined by measuring εr of slurries prepared from BTO powder and propylene carbonate as dispersion medium, followed by analyzing with a finite element methods (FEM). The εr of powders depended on their characters such as tetragonality (c/a ratio), density, particle size and specific surface area. In order to extract the effect of each character, a statistical analysis was carried out to represent the εr of powders with an empirical formula, where the c/a ratio, density and particle size were used as parameters. A fairly good agreement between observed data and those expected from the formula was obtained and the contribution of each character to the εr could be determined.



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