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Estimation of Defect State Densities from Bulk Photoelectronic Properties of a-Si,Ge:H Alloys

  • G. N. Parsons (a1) and G. Lucovsky (a1)


We have studied the photoelectronic properities of a- Si(x),Ge(1−x):H alloy films and have concluded that there are depletion layers at the film surface and film/oxide interface that effect the determination of bulk quantum effieciencymobility- lifetime (nuT) products. From changes in dark conductivity activation energy with film thickness and the nuT product with wavelength of incident light we have estimated defeci sta:e lensitles. Our best x=0.5 film has an nuT value of 9×10−8 cm2 V−1 andaj defect state density near the Fermi level of approximately 5×10 cm−3 eV−1.



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