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Er-Doped Porous Silicon Led For Integrated Optoelectronics

  • L. Tsybeskov (a1), G. F. Grom (a1), K. D. Hirschman (a1), H. A. Lopez (a1), S. Chan (a1), P. M. Fauchet (a1) and V. P. Bondarenko (a2)...


Porous silicon (PSi) was doped by Er using electromigration from a solution and converted to Er-doped silicon-rich silicon oxide (SRSO:Er) by partial thermal oxidation at 600–950°C following densification at 1100°C in an inert atmosphere. Room-temperature photoluminescence (PL) at ∼1.5 μm is intense and decreases by less than 20% from 12 K to 300 K. The PL spectrum of SRSO:Er reveals no luminescence bands related to Si-bandedgerecombination, point defects or dislocations, and shows that the Er3+ centers are the most efficient radiative recombination centers. A light-emitting diode (LED) with an active layer made of SRSO:Er was manufactured using a pre-oxidation cleaning step to increase the quality of the interface between SRSO:Er and the top electrode. Room temperature electroluminescence at ∼1.5 μm was demonstrated.



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Er-Doped Porous Silicon Led For Integrated Optoelectronics

  • L. Tsybeskov (a1), G. F. Grom (a1), K. D. Hirschman (a1), H. A. Lopez (a1), S. Chan (a1), P. M. Fauchet (a1) and V. P. Bondarenko (a2)...


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