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Epitaxial Growth of CoSi2/Si Hetero-Structure by Solid State Interaction of Co/Ti/Si Multilayer

  • Bing-zong Li (a1), Wei-Jun Wu (a1), Kai Shao (a1), Zhi-Guang Gu (a1), Guo-Bao Jiang (a1), Wei-Ning Huang (a1), Hua Fang (a1), Zhen Sun (a1), Ping Liu (a1) (a2) and Zu-Yao Zhou (a1) (a2)...


A new method of epitaxial growth of CoSi2 film on Si substrate by ternary solid state interaction is investigated. XRD, RBS and TEM show that single-crystalline CoSi2 can be formed on both Si (111) and (100) substrates by using Co/Ti/Si or TiN/Co/Ti/Si multilayer. The evolution of multilayer structure and its resistivity is studied and epitaxy mechanism is discussed. Experimental results indicate strong affinity between Co and Si. During the ternary interaction the epitaxial CoSi2 can be grown directly on Si and its growth may behave as a diffusion controlled process. The thickness of Ti layer and the annealing procedure have important effect on CoSi2 epitaxial growth.



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