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Epitaxial Growth of (110) KnbO3 Films on (100) MgO Substrates via Sol-Gel Processing

  • Garo J. Derderian (a1) (a2), James D. Barrie (a1), Kenneth A. Aitchison (a1) and Martha L. Mecartney (a2)


Epitaxial, single phase (110) KnbO3 films were grown on (100) MgO substrates using a sol-gel process employing ethoxide precursors in methanol. The degree of epitaxy was dependent on both the annealing temperature and the amount of potassium in the film. Excess potassium in the sol-gel solution (K/Nb = 1.2) was necessary to produce single phase films. An amorphous or polycrystalline MgO interfacial layer was observed in some films, postulated to have developed after nucleation of KnbO3 and due to a highly defective surface layer.



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