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Enzyme-based Biohybrid Foams Designed for Biodiesel Production and Continuous Flow Heterogeneous Catalysis

  • Nicolas Brun (a1), Hervé Deleuze (a2) and Rénal Backov (a1)


The one pot-synthesis and use of monolithic biohybrid foams in a continuous flow device reported inhere presents the advantages of covalent stabilization of the enzymes, together with a low steric hindrance between proteins and substrates, an optimized mass transport due to the interconnected macroporous network and a rather simplicity in regard of the column in-situ synthetic path. Those features, concerning transesterification (biodiesel production) enzyme- based catalyzed reaction, provide high enzymatic activity addressed with bio-hybrid catalysts bearing unprecedented endurance of continuous catalysis for a two months period of time.



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Enzyme-based Biohybrid Foams Designed for Biodiesel Production and Continuous Flow Heterogeneous Catalysis

  • Nicolas Brun (a1), Hervé Deleuze (a2) and Rénal Backov (a1)


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