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Enhanced Carbon Diffusion in Silicon During 900°0 Annealing

  • L. A. Ladd, J. P. Kalejs (a1) and U. Gösele (a2)


Enhanced diffusion of carbon Is observed to be produced during anneal ing of silicon at 900°C under conditions of surface oxidation and phosphorus in-diffusion. Silicon containing high concentrations of carbon (∼9 × 1017/cm3 substitutional) and varying levels of interstitial oxygen and differing defect concentrations has been studied. Diffusion coefficient enhancement over the value found for an anneal in an inert ambient is by a factor of three during oxidation and a factor of forty with phosphorus in-diffusion. Carbon accumulation takes place in a region 0.3–0.5 microns from the sample surface only under conditions of phosphorus in-diffusion and is attributed to carbon precipitation. A model that assumes Interactions between silicon self-interstitials and the carbon can explain both the enhanced diffusion and the carbon accumulation.



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Enhanced Carbon Diffusion in Silicon During 900°0 Annealing

  • L. A. Ladd, J. P. Kalejs (a1) and U. Gösele (a2)


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