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Engineering Properties of Spider Silk

  • Frank K. Ko (a1), Sueo Kawabata (a2), Mari Inoue (a2), Masako Niwa (a3), Stephen Fossey (a4) and John W. Song (a4)...


Motivated by the high level of strength and toughness of spider silk and its multifunctional nature, this paper reports on the engineering properties of individual fibers from Nephila Clavipes spider drag line under uniaxial tension, transverse compression and torsional deformation. The tensile properties were compared to the Argiope Aurentia spider silk and show different ultimate strength but similar traits of the unusual combination of strength and toughness characterized by a sigmoidal stress-strain curve. A high level of torsional stability is demonstrated. comparing favorably to other aramid fibers (including Kevlar fibers).



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