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Engineering of Graphene Band Structure by Haptic Functionalization

  • Paul Plachinda (a1), Raj Solanki (a1) and David Evans (a1) (a2)


We have employed first-principles density-functional calculations to study the electronic characteristics of graphene functionalized by metal-bis-arene and metal-carbonyl molecules. It is shown that functionalization with M-bis-arene (M(C6H6)@gr, M=Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe) molecules leads to an opening in the band gap of graphene (up to 0.81eV for the Cr derivative), and functionalization with M-carbonyl (M(CX)3@gr, X=O,N; M= Cr, Mn, Fe, Co) up to one 1eV for M=Cr and X=O, and therefore transforms graphene from a semi-metal to a semiconductor. The band gap induced by attachment of a metal atom topped by a functionalizing group is attributed to modification of π-conjugation and depends on the concentration of functionalizing molecules, metal’s and moiety’s electronic structure. This approach offers a means of tailoring the band structure of graphene and potentially its applications for future electronic devices.



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Engineering of Graphene Band Structure by Haptic Functionalization

  • Paul Plachinda (a1), Raj Solanki (a1) and David Evans (a1) (a2)


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