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Engineering and Characterization of Resonant Optical Antennas

  • Matthias D. Wissert (a1), Andreas W. Schell (a1), Konstantin S. Ilin (a2), M. Siegel (a2), U. Lemmer (a3) and Hans-Juergen Eisler (a1)...


Resonant optical dipole antennas, consisting either of two arms coupled by a small gap or of a single, uncoupled arm only, are fabricated by the application of electron beam lithography and gold evaporation. Using dark-field microscopy, scattering spectra of structures with varied antenna arm length and varied gap size are obtained. The results show not only a spectral redshift for coupled structures compared to single arm structures, but also that the far-field scattering intensity is significantly higher for two arm structures with gap. In addition to the dipole structures, first fabrication results on quadrupole antennas and split-ring antennas are presented, offering novel pathways for an enhancement of the optical response function.



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