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Energy-Beam Processing Studies on Ta/U and Ir/Ta Systems

  • E. N. Kaufmann (a1), P. S. Peercy (a2), D. C. Jacobson (a3), C. W. Draper (a4), F. J. Huegel (a1), C. J. Echer (a1), D. M. Makowiecki (a3) and J. D. Balser (a1)...


Films of Ta metal on uranium and of Ir metal on tantalum have been irradiated and melted by pulses from Q-switched Ruby and frequency-doubled Nd:YAG lasers to investigate the nature of the resulting mixtures in light of the very different binary-phase diagrams of the two systems. In addition, a two-phase Ir-Ta alloy has been surface-processed with CW CO2 -laser radiation and with an electron beam in order to study microstructure refinement and test the advantage of using alloys as opposed to film-on-substrate combinations for the developement of claddings.



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