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Energy Transfer And Emission Processes In Sol-Gel Materials Doped With Europium (III) Complexes

  • Xiao-Jun Wang (a1), Lowell R. Matthews (a1) and E. T. Knobbet (a1)


Optical emission behavior in sol-gel-derived Materials doped with tris (4,4,4-trifluoro-l- (2′-thienyl) -l,3-butanedionato-O,O′)europium (III), Eu (ttfa)3, has been investigated by exciting the electronic levels of both europium (III) and the β-diketonate ligand (ttfa-). Energy transfer processes between the ttfa ligands and europium (III) have been studied by time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy. The dynamic processes were compared in three sol-gel-derived host Matrices (silica, an acrylate ORMOSIL, and an epoxide ORMOSIL). Concentration dependence of the energy transfer rates was also studied.


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