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The Energy Dependence of Ion Damage in A1xGa1−xAs/GaAs HETErostructures and The Effects of Implanted Impurity

  • A. G. Cullis (a1), D. C. Jacobson (a2), A. Polman (a3), P. W. Smith (a1), J. M. Poate (a2) and C. R. Whitehouse (a1)...


Bombardment damage produced by Si+ ions in AlxGa1−xAs/GaAs layer structures has been studied using transmission electron microscopy and ion channeling and backscattering spectrometry. The damage resistance of A1xGa1−xAs alloy layers increases with Al concentration. In particular, by comparison of complementary Si+ ion doses yielding similar nuclear displacement densities at 150keV and 2MeV bombardment energies, it is demonstrated for the first time that the local concentration of implanted Si impurity is likely to be a significant factor in controlling lattice damage build-up, especially for the highest Si+ ion implantation doses. It is also shown that, in a manner analogous to A1As, the alloy layers can confer a significant protection from ion damage upon adjacent, epitaxially-bonded narrow zones of crystalline GaAs.



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