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Electronic Transport Properties of ZnSe Layers on GaAs

  • T. Marshall (a1), S. Colak (a1), H. Van Houten (a1), J. Petruzzello (a1), B. Greenberg (a1) and D. Cammack (a1)...


The electronic transport properties of ZnSe layers grown by MBE on GaAs sub- strates are studied by small-signal ac admittance, dc current-voltage, and Hall effect measurements. This work is supplemented by a study of TEM and x-ray rocking curve data. We find that the transport characteristics are strongly affected by the proper- ties of the ZnSe/GaAs interface. From the dc and ac measurements, we determine the total barrier height at the interface of thick (1-6 µm) ZnSe layers on n+-GaAs, and find that it is in general voltage dependent. While some samples are found to have a very high peak mobility (> 10,000cm2 /Vsec), an anomalous reduction in the mobility in a large fraction of the samples is found, and attributed to the presence of non- uniform space charge regions.



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