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Electron-Donating Radialenes. Potential Donors for Molecular Organic (Super) Conductors and Ferromagnets

  • Z. Yoshida (a1), T. Sugimoto (a1) and Y. Misaki (a1)


The electron-donating [n]radialenes (n=3,4,5) were prepared with the aim of developing both new type of organic (super)conductors and unprecedented organic/molecular ferromagnets. The charge-transfer (CT) complexes of 1,3-dithiole[4]radialene with TCNQ and of 1,3-benzodithiole-[4]radialene with TCNQF4 and DDQ showed comparatively high electrical conductivities in compressed pellets. The single crystals of PF6 and CIO4 salts of 1,3-benzodithiole[4]radialene radical cation revealed temperature change of electrical conductivity characteristic of a semiconductor. The magnetic properties of the bis(trifluoroacetate)salt of thioxanthene[3]-radialene dication and of the CT complexes of 1,3-benzodithiole[5]-radialene with DDQ, TCNQF4, and hexacyanohexamethylenecyclopropane, were also investigated from the ESR and/or magnetic susceptibility measurements.



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