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The electron transport within bulk wurtzite zinc oxide in response to strong applied electric field pulses

  • Walid A. Hadi (a1), Michael S. Shur (a2) and Stephen K. O’Leary (a3)


Strong short electric field pulses are used to generate broadband terahertz radiation. Understanding the transport properties under such conditions is very important for the understanding of numerous terahertz photonic and electronic devices. In this paper, we report on transport simulations of the electrons within bulk wurtzite zinc oxide for pulsed high electric fields, with pulse durations of up to 400 fs. We focus on how key electron transport characteristics, namely the drift velocity and the corresponding average energy, vary with time since the onset of the pulse. For sufficiently high-field strength selections, we find that both of these parameters exhibit peaks. In addition, an electron drift velocity undershoot is observed following this peak. A contrast with the case of gallium nitride is considered; undershoot is not observed for the case of this material. Reasons for these differences in behavior are suggested.



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