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Electrochromics and Thermochromics for Energy Efficient Fenestration: New Applications Based on Transparent Conducting Nanoparticles

  • C. G. Granqvist (a1), İ. Bayrak Pehlivan (a1), Y.-X. Ji (a1), S.-Y. Li (a1), E. Pehlivan (a2), R. Marsal (a2) and G. A. Niklasson (a1)...


This paper summarizes some recent advances for electrochromic and thermochromic fenestration. For the former application, we consider a polymer-laminated construction and show that the addition of nanoparticles to the electrolyte can enhance its ionic conductivity (with fumed silica) and quench the near-infrared transmittance which transmits solar energy but is not important for visible light (with ITO nanoparticles). Regarding thermochromics, we discuss recent experimental and theoretical work on Mg-doped VO2, where the doping lowers the luminous absorptance, and on measurements applied to Al2O3-coated VO2 with good stability with regard to high-temperature treatment.



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