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Electrical Properties of Metal-Oxide-Silicon Structures Wrm Sol-Gel Oxides

  • W. L. Warren (a1), P. M. Lenahan (a1) and C. J. Brinker (a2)


We have investigated the electronic properties of sol-gel derived films on silicon substrates. Our investigation involves SiO2, aluminosilicate and borosili cate oxides on silicon. Seme sol-gel oxides are excellait insulators; seme sol-gel films on silicon also exhibit quite low oxide/silicon interface trap densities. We have also subjected sol-gel films on silicon to 4 Mrad(SiO2) of radiation and have found that these structures appear to be radiation hard (very little radiation induced oxide space charge or interface trap generation). Our results strongly suggest that sol-gel processing could provide insulating films for a variety of microelectronic device applications.



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Electrical Properties of Metal-Oxide-Silicon Structures Wrm Sol-Gel Oxides

  • W. L. Warren (a1), P. M. Lenahan (a1) and C. J. Brinker (a2)


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