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Electrical Properties and Hydrogen Incorporation Scheme of a-Si:H/a-Si1−xCx:H Multilayers

  • Masahiro Yoshimoto (a1), Takashi Fuyuki (a1) and Hiroyuki Matsunami (a1)


Multilayers of a-Si:H/a-Si1−xCx:H was fabricated by a glow discharge method. The barrier layer using a-Si1−xCx:H was typicallg 20 Å thick, and the thickness of the well layer was changed from 11 to 510 Å. Hydrogen incorporation scheme in the well layer of a-Si:H was investigated by infrared absorption measurements. Structures of the a-Si:H layer were turned out to be strongly influenced by its thickness. Electron transport properties across the multilayer were studied. Tunneling current was observed when the barrierlayer thickness became narrow. Using a novel structure, it turned out that tunneling electron has higher energy.



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