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Electrical Characteristics of the Pt/SBT/TiO2/Si MFIS Structures with Thickness Variation of the SBT Film

  • Ji-Woong Kim (a1), Kwang-Yong Lee (a1), Jae-Hoon Choi (a1) and Tae-Sung Oh (a1)


Pt/Sr0.85Bi2.4Ta2O9/TiO2/Si structures were prepared with variation of the Sr0.85Bi2.4Ta2O9 (SBT) film thickness for MFIS-FET applications. After depositing TiO2 film of 10 nm thickness by reactive sputtering on Si(100) substrate as a buffer layer, SBT thin film of 210-400 nm thickness was prepared onto it by metal organic decomposition process. Regardless of the SBT film thickness, the Pt/SBT/TiO2/Si structures exhibited clockwise directional hysteresis, indicating well-defined ferroelectric switching behavior of the SBT films. While the memory window of the Pt/SBT/TiO2/Si MFIS structures increased with increasing the SBT film thickness, the maximum capacitance of the Pt/SBT/TiO2/Si MFIS structures decreased with increasing the SBT film thickness. The Pt/SBT(400 nm)/TiO2(10 nm)/Si structure exhibited a memory window of 1.3 V at ±5 V.



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